Set Your Sights On Spring

It’s March, which means spring is right around the corner. What better way to set your sights on spring than a little spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning is a chance to say goodbye to the last days of winter by starting fresh with an annual deep clean.

If you need help getting motivated this year, here are a few reasons why we think you should schedule some time for spring cleaning

    1.It’s the perfect opportunity to rid your home of the “stuff” you can live without.

We all have items we could do without: clothes we’ve outgrown and household items we no longer use. Why not give those items away?

    2. You get rid of clutter and become more organized.

Just imagine having a little more room in your closet and spending less time trying to look for something. Spring cleaning offers the chance to clear your home and your mind.

   3. A happier and healthier lifestyle.

Don’t you automatically feel better when you are in a clean environment and everything is easily accessible? We know we do.

   4. Spring cleaning can help others.

You can organize your space and feel good about helping others at the same time. When you are finished cleaning, donating your stuff can help people in your community. Just because you may not need the items anymore doesn’t mean they still can’t be of use to others. Donating your stuff to Goodwill can help Goodwill support members in the community who are facing challenges to employment. Learn more about how your donation helps your community here.

So go ahead and do a little spring cleaning, pack up all your old stuff and bring it to any of our six locations across Metro Detroit. Your donations make it possible for Goodwill to put over 2,000 new items out on the floor daily!

Once your donation enters our donation center, it is immediately sorted by item type. All items are inspected and priced accordingly to their condition. For more information on how items are selected here’s Kam Carman.

Find a complete list of items accepted here.

So if you’re thinking about doing a little spring cleaning, consider donating some of your stuff to Goodwill. It will help you and your community.




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