How to Shop Productively

We live in an age where we are always on the go, our time is valuable and our schedules are busy. When it comes to shopping, the last thing we want to do is use time and money we do not have.

Today’s post is all about utilizing your day while helping you find the best deal.

If you have never considered thrifting before, it might seem overwhelming. But at the Goodwill Stores of Greater Detroit, we strive to make your shopping experience the best it can possibly be. So consider these tips if you’re new to thrift shopping or looking for new ways to prioritize:

1.) Decide what you are looking for.
Sounds simple right? Not always. Be sure to set a budget and a schedule ahead of time to prevent overspending and wasted effort.

2.) Try things on.
There is nothing more frustrating than when you think you are saving time by skipping the fitting room, and then you get home to realize something doesn’t fit! While it can seem like a waste to try things on in the store, remember sizes run differently especially at a thrift store! Be sure to try things on before you buy and you will be satisfied with your purchase every time.

3.) Shop for sales!
Different days of the week have different sales, so get out your calendar and plan accordingly! You’ll be able to see which day of the week is better to buy certain items by checking out our calendar of sales!

Come back every second Friday of the month for more fun shopping advice!

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