What is Club Blue?

Club Blue is Goodwill’s loyalty program. We reward our shoppers and our donors for their continued business at our stores. As a member, you can receive discounts and earn rewards for every dollar spent or donation dropped at any of our retail locations.

How does Club Blue work?

For every dollar spent as a shopper, you earn a single reward point. For every 100 points earned, you receive $5 to use toward your next purchase at any of our store locations. Members can use up to 300 points (or $15 of earned rewards) per day.

As a donor, members earn 10 points for each donation visit.

PLUS, you can combine your points earned as a Club Blue member with other discounts and coupons at the store. Sign up today!


Club Blue members will receive monthly emails with dates for upcoming Goodwill events, sales, store coupons and even birthday rewards.